Food and Beverage Service III – old question paper 2015 (fall)

                                                                Pokhara University


Level: Bachelor                          Semester-Fall                         Year: 2015

Programme: BHM                                                                      Full Marks: 100

Course: Food and Beverage Service III                                      Pass Marks: 45

Time: 3hrs

Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable.

The figures in the margin indicate full marks.


                                                    Section “A”

Very Short Answer Questions

Attempt all the questions.                    10*2

  1. Define the term butler.
  2. What do you mean by fermentation?
  3. How to decant a wine?
  4. Write down the different types of white and black grapes varieties.
  5. What are the differences between vintage and non-vintage wine?
  6. Explain malting?
  7. Write down some popular brand name of champagne.
  8. Define the Madeira wine.
  9. Write down some popular international and Domestic Brands name of beer.
  10. Write about the three measurement system of alcoholic strength.


                                                          Section “B”

Descriptive Answer Questions      6*10

Attempt any six questions.

  1. Explain the Butler and discuss the Attributes of Butler.
  2. Classify the alcoholic beverage with it’s diagram explain each of them.
  3. Write down the vinification process.
  4. Write down wine producing region in France. Explain the classification of French wine.
  5. Explain the method of production of the Champagne.
  6. Define fortified wine. How is Sherry made?
  7. Explain briefly about Beer and its classification.


                                                            Section “C”

                                          Comprehensive Answer Questions.                                            20

18. Many restaurants are offering rewards to part time and salaried employees to increase satisfaction and productivity Incentives provided by management range from pay raise and bonuses to benefits such as profit sharing and health insurance. Recognition program such as “Employee of the Moth” are also popular reward system with operation. Effective reward can be vary inexpensive and might include an afternoon off a special pin or a simple “Thank you”.

a) Rewarding employees are essential aspect or organization. How is it important? Discuss.

b) How you evaluate your staff performance and what are the criteria to reward them?



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