Food Production and Patisserie (III) – BHM old question paper 2015

                                                                Pokhara University


Level: Bachelor                          Semester-Fall                         Year: 2015

Programme: BHM                                                                      Full Marks: 100

Course: Food Production and Patisserie (III)                            Pass Marks: 45

Time: 3hrs

Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable.

The figures in the margin indicate full marks.


Section “A”

Very Short Answer Questions

Attempt all the questions.                                                                            10*2

  1. What do you understand by temporary kitchen?
  2. Define invalid cooking.
  3. What is menu compiling?
  4. Write down the equipment used in Nepalese cuisine.
  5. Explain the features of Indian Cuisine.
  6. Explain “Menu Framework” and name in sequence the first 12 course of classical French menu.
  7. What is meant by hot and cold desserts?
  8. Explain pasteurization.
  9. List down the importance of food preservation.
  10. What are the features of Indian cuisine?


Section “B”

Descriptive Answer Questions

Attempt any six questions.                                                                            6*10

  1. Suppose your parents are going to establish a new restaurant in your town/city and you have been selected to prepare a new menu what are the things that you take under consideration for planning a new menu? Explain.
  2. Define food preservation. Describe the different methods of food preservation system along with suitable examples.
  3. Draw a layout butchery kitchen. Illustrate the functions and responsibilities of butchery chef.
  4. Define gravy. Describe the different types of masala and paste used in Indian cookery worldwide.
  5. How do you define Nepalese cuisine? Describe the different types of herbs and spices used in this cuisine to prepare food.
  6. Make a neat sketch of commercial type dishwasher describe the different stage of operation.
  7. Draw the manning chart of the kitchen stewarding department and describe the job responsibilities of steward supervisor.


Section “C”

Case Analysis                      20

18. Alex Jones is an executive chef at Zambala Hotel situate in Thamel, Kathmandu one day he performs an inspection of the large walk-in refrigerator for the hotel. During the inspection, he notice that the raw chicken for the rotisserie is not covered during thawing and the chicken is stored directly above several washed heads of lettuce. Similarly, he finds he also notices that boxes of various Productions have been stacked closely together on the floor of the walk-in cooler and the thermometer is hanging from the condensing unit.

i) What food safety hazards can exist in the walk in refrigeration unit?

ii) Which of these Hazard might result in food contamination? Explain.

iii) What should be done to correct the problems that Mr. Alex observed during his inspection?



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