Menu | Difference between A La’ cart and table D’ hote menu

    • Difference between A La’ cart and table D’ hote menu:
    A La’ cart menu Table D’ hote menu
    1) It has wide choice for customer.

    2) It carries more portion hence it is more expensive.

    3) Dishes are period separate. It helps to know the cost of each dish.

    4) Menu card is presented to the guest.

    5) Food is cooked to order sp it takes time to serve.

    1)It has limited or no choice for customer.

    2) It Carry less portion hence less expensive.

    3) Dishes are not priced separately hence guest does not have knowledge of each Dishes.

    4) Menu card is placed already in table.

    5) Food is cooked in ball advance it takes less time to serve.


    • Plate du Jour menu (specialty of the house):

    Individually price normally from main course and pre-cooked with A La’ cart menu just to create a sense of curiosity to the guest about specialty. Normally price is maintained less than other days. It may remain for a certain time period.

    • Carte du’ Jour menu (menu of the day): It is an economic menu and combination of A la’ carte, Table d’ hote, plate du’ Jour term as carte du Jour menu. Individually price according to types which is printed daily one for lunch and one for dinner. Some time inserted in a A La’ carte menu which comprises few special dishes of a day. To varie the A’ la carte menu for customer. Example:



    Items Days
    Chicken A La’ keive

    Staff veg

    Grilled chicken

    Lamb sten






    • Banquet Menu: The banquet menu is fixed menu at a set price offering usually no choice unless the client inform the carter in advance the certain guest required and vegetarian meal and available to all guest at pre determine time.
    • Buffet Menu: Buffet may be varied consider depending on occasion and the fixed price and there are two types of light menu (simple Finger buffet) while all item prepaid are proportion small size plates so that the customer may consume it without using a cutting so it’s name is given simple buffet menu. The next is fork buffet (Exotic Fork buffet) where hot and cold Food are available where may be large dishes will be covered and portion of individual guest. Buffet are prepared for such occasion as wedding reception conferences, annual party etc. Buffet can be classified as a form of table D’ hote menu. As they offered a rusticated menu limited choice only what is own the buffet table. It determine set price and all dishes are available at set time.
    • Cycle menu: This is a series of table D’ hote menu example: for 3 weeks repeated again and again for set period. It is offered used is hospital. Industry and Institutional catering. Table d’hôte menu popular form of menu being easier to control operate giving less wastage of Food.



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