Food Production & Patisserie II – 2014 old question paper

Pokhara University


Level: Bachelor                         Semester-Spring                   Year: 2014

Programme: BHM                                                                  Full Marks: 100

Course: Food Production and Patisserie (II)                          Pass Marks: 45

Time: 3hrs


Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable.

The figures in the margin indicate full marks.


Section “A”

Very Short Answer Questions

Attempt all the questions.           10*2  

  1. Define “Sushi” and name four types.
  2. Write four features of Japanese cuisine.
  3. Define salad write four special salads name.
  4. Define dressing. Write four special dressing names.
  5. Define canapé and explain its uses.
  6. Write four quality signs of poultry.
  7. Write the ingredients of Thousand Island dressing.
  8. Differentiate between straight dough and delayed dough.
  9. Define cake and their uses.
  10. Define lactic acid in a carcass and its uses.


Section “B”

Long Answer Questions

Attempt any six questions. 6*10

  1. What are the reasons that make Chinese food more popular? Discuss.
  2. Write the recipe and the procedure of making club sandwich.
  3. Discuss the slaughtering process of animals.
  4. Write the principles of bread making.
  5. Define marzipan. Write down the making steps and uses.
  6. How do you define garde manger? Discuss the functions of garde manger.
  7. Enlist and explain the types of hors d’oeuvre with five example of each.


Section “C”

Case study

18. Read the case situation given below and answer the questions that follow.        20

Mr. Hari Pandey, an industrialist from Pokhara, hosted a wedding reception for his youngest daughter on November 06th, 2014 at Hotel Grande, Pokhara. About 500 people attended the function. The menu comprised of Indian dishes with famous items like mutton-rogan-josh and fish Afghani. Unfortunately there was no frozen mutton available in the freezer. The store manager called the local supplier to deliver 175 kg of fresh mutton legs. Similarly the frozen bekti (fish) from Kolkata was slightly nine months old. Soon after the function had begun, there was no more mutton preparation in the kitchen. Some 150 guests were still left to be served. They became angry, reported the matter to the host and returned home. Exactly five hours later, the guests were rushed to various hospitals because of acute stomach ache. Upon examination, the doctors declared a case of food poisoning.

Answer the questions below:

  1. What are the possible reasons for stages of mutton rogan josh?
  2. What was the cause for the outbreak of diambea after consuming the food?
  3. What lessons can you from this incident?



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