English II – old question paper of BHM [PU]

                                                       Pokhara University


Level: Bachelor                         Semester-Spring                   Year: 2016

Programme: BBA/BBA-BI/BBA-TT/BCIS/BHCM/BHM           Full Marks: 100

Course: English II                                                                      Pass Marks: 45

Time: 3hrs


Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable.

The figures in the margin indicate full marks.


Section “A”

Attempt all the questions.

  1. Compare and contrast the poem “On the Eve of His Execution” with “To an Athlete Dying Young”. Conclude your answer by answer by summarizing your main points, or by reiterating the most important point.                                                                                                                           15


Apply the four levels of reading to text ‘Telegram on the Table’ or ‘The Clock Tower’.

  1. You work for Samsung, a leading mobile phone company as a Customer service manager. Recently it had released Samsung galaxy Note 7, but immediately after some days a manufacturing defect was discovered in the batteries of the phone. The phone often generated excessive heat, which resulted in explosions. In this situation tell:
  • Who you need to discuss about this problem within your company and outside your company and why
  • What action you will take protect your customers
  • What you will do to develop your business again
  • What you will recommend to stop the crisis like this that may happen in the future


You work for a corporate entertainment company. Plan a corporate even for your company, using the prompts given below.                                                                   15


Section “B”

3. Medium Answer Questions (any five):                             5*10

a) Summarize the story “Mr. Known-All” by W. Somerset Maugham in a single paragraph.

b) Did Chaudhary answer her own question (“How Sane Are We?”) which facts and examples. In her view, support her answer?

c) What is the best green policy you have heard of? Why?

d) A few simple rules will keep you, not from all error, but from silly error. Bertrand Russell forwards few rules in his essay Keeping Errors at Bay. What are they? Do you agree with his rules? Why?

e) “Everyone is in sales. It doesn’t matter what area you work in you have clients and you need to sell” Explain.

f) Suppose, you are Human Resources Manager in a company. You need a technical officer in your company. How would you recruit one in your company? Discuss the process of hiring the officer.

g) Write a short essay on “Importance of Advertising in Business.”

h) What benefits do employees have in companies apart from salaries/ which job benefits might be useful if you are employed in a company?



4. Short Answer Questions (any five):                                                 5*2

a) Describe the writer scene as painted in the poem “Don’t Cut down the Tress, Brother Woodcutter”

b) What does the phrase “sooty ceiling” add to the general tone of the poem “New year”?

c) List down the psychological stages people typically go through once they know they are soon to die.

d) Write the main theme of the poem ‘Stooping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening.’

e) Why was Pyotr Demyanitch angry with the kitten?

f) Why did the king of god send nymph to the hermitage?


5. Complete these sentences using the correct from of adjective.               4

a) We have seven factories; the ……. (large) one is in Mexico.

b) I think our new brochure is ……. (good) than our competitor’s brochure.

c) Germany is ……. (big) country in the EU.

d) 1995 was ……. (bad) year for our company ever.


6. Name the department in your company that you call for help when:           4

a) You need a new assistant in your department.

b) A customer has just called to say he isn’t happy.

c) You need a new program which works more quickly.

d) You don’t know if you have enough cash in the bank to pay this supplier.


7. Rewrite these sentences in the passive form:                                               2

a) The Heads of the Department informed the staff about the decision.

b) We discuss salaries with employees individually.



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