Model : Food production & patisserie-I | BHM2015 | 1st semster

                                                      POKHARA UNIVERSITY Model question


Level: Bachelor                            Semester – Fall/1st               Year: 2015

Programme: BHM                                                                     Full marks: 100

Course: Food production & patisserie I                                     Pass marks: 45

Time: 3hrs.


Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far

as practicable.

The figures in the margin indicate full marks.


Section “A”

                                       Very Short Answer Questions

Attempt any ten questions.

  1. Define roux and explain its uses.
  2. Define bouquet garni and explain its uses.
  3. Define mire poix and explain its uses.
  4. Define duxelle and explain it uses.
  5. Define pane and explain it uses.
  6. Explain deep frying method.
  7. Explain galzes.
  8. Explain fricassee.
  9. Explain aspic.
  10. Explain quality of stocks.
  11. Define beurre manie and its uses.
  12. Explain mayonnaise and its uses.


Section “B”

                                         Descriptive Answer Questions

Attempt any six questions:

  1. Classify the kitchen equipment and explain with five examples of each.
  2. Draw an organizational chart of modern kitchen brigade, show the staffing and explain job responsibilities of executive chef.
  3. Classify the vegetables; explain with three example of each.
  4. Define egg, draw figure with its parts and illustrate the quality signs.
  5. Why sauce play an important role in kitchen preparation. Discuss.
  6. Classify the soups, explain and give any three examples of each.
  7. Why the French classical cooking played an important role in history culinary art? Discuss.


“Moist heat methods of cooking make the food palatable and digestable”


                                                     Section “C”

                                                   Case Analysis

  • What are the possible reasons for problem?

Mr. Shyam Rana, Executive Chef of Hotel Everest has prepared dinner fo 500 pax. yesterday. He could not serve the meal at stipulated time and many guests have left the function without having meal. Host has complained directly to the General Manager.

Answer the question below:

  1. What are the characteristic of dinner function? Explain.
  2. What are the possible reasons of delay for the preparation of meal?
  3. What are solutions to overcome this kind of problems? Discuss.


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