Accomodation Operation-I | BHM Exam paper | 1st semester

                                                             POKHARA UNIVERSITY


Level: Bachelor                            Semester – Fall/1st               Year: 2015

Programme: BHM                                                                     Full marks: 100

Course: Accomodation Operation I                                          Pass marks: 45

Time: 3hrs.


Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far

as practicable.

The figures in the margin indicate full marks.


Section “A”

                                       Very Short Answer Questions

Attempt all the questions.

  1. Write down the role of housekeeping department?
  2. Why housekeeping department is coordinate with front office and engineering department.
  3. Write the meaning of following: a) Quad room b) Suit room c) Pent house   d) Lanai
  4. Why maid cart is important?
  5. What is cleaning agent?
  6. Define log book.
  7. Write the type of fire which occurs in hotel?
  8. How you deal suspicious guest?
  9. What is desk control room?
  10. Different between the terms “safety” and “ security”.


Section “B”

                                         Descriptive Answer Questions

Attempt any six questions

  1.  Draw layout of housekeeping department and explain each section briefly?
  2.  Neatly draw layout of double bed room and name the room content room supplies.
  3.  Broadly classify the cleaning equipment in six categories and write use of the equipment.
  4.  Explain how housekeeping care and the following surface on periodic basis, brass, wood and glass.
  5. Explain the points to be considered while selecting cleaning agents for a hotel.
  6.  Describe about following, lost and found register babysitting register, Guest loan item and Duty roster file and memo book.
  7. Write the function of housekeeping department in a hotel industry. Why cleaning is important?


Section “C”

                                                   Case Analysis

  1. Hotel Kathmandu is a 5 star property, located at the Kathmandu. It is a property with 450 rooms. Mr Kajal Thapa is newly appointed executive housekeeper of the hotel to ensure more effective and smooth housekeeping operations.


Hotel Blue Stream is receiving complaints about attributes of housekeeping staffs in particular. Guests are complaining that the housekeeping staffs do not behave and act like professionals. Moreover their attitude and personal appearance is not up to the guest expectations.


Recently one guest was found dead one of the rooms of the Hotel Kasthamandapby Rabina Adhikari, one of the room maids of the hotel. She screamed in a large voice and the incident was revealed to all the guests of that particular floor and the guest prefer to leave the hotel in fear. Moreover, the dead body was allowed to remove though the front door, which result in bad rumours about the hotel.



  1. If you were executive housekeeper of hotel kasthamandap, how would you guide your staffs to act in case of dead guest?
  2. What attribute would be prioritized by Mrs Kajal Thapa to housekeeper to impart a good impression on guest and why?


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