English-I 2015 | Exam paper of BHM | 1st semester

                                                            POKHARA UNIVERSITY


Level: Bachelor                            Semester – Fall/1st               Year: 2015

Programme: BHM                                                                     Full marks: 100

Course: English I                                                                       Pass marks: 45

Time: 3hrs.


Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far

as practicable.

The figures in the margin indicate full marks.


Section “A”

                                       Very Short Answer Questions

Attempt all the questions.

1. Answer these questions: (2*15)

a) Apply the four levels of interacting with a text to the story “Marriage is a private affair”.


Try to predict your parents response if one day you announced your plan to marry with someone from a different caste, tribe or nationality.

b) Explain the role of team spirit in the workplace. Should managers make important decisions on their own, or should they discuss issue with their team beforehand? Give reason for your answer.


Imagine that you work in a leading supermarket as the sales executive manager. What strategic plans would you recommend to your company so that it can improve its competitiveness and increase its market share in supermarket business?


2. Answer any five questions: (5*10)

a) What job do you want to do after finishing your studies at your collage? Which company do you want to apply? What challenges and opportunities do you expect in your job?

b) Explain how new technology has affected your life. Give the examples of both positive and negative effects.

c) Interpret the poem The Illitrate.

d) “Technology can help the human’s life better” How can you prove that statement.

e) Present three arguments for and three against the use of television.

f) Why did the Cabuliwala develop friendship with mini?


3. Very short questions answer: (5*1)

a) Explain the process to make call from your mobile phone.

b) Your CEO wants to move your offices to a city 500 km away. What suggestion would you give him?

c) A fight between a lion and a crocodile is a story of struggle, how?

d) Who was Socrates?

e) What is air travel?

f) What is author’s main argument in “Curbing the One Eyed monster”?


4. Choose the correct answer from the words in italics: (4*1)

a) I’d like an ailse / a window seat, please. I want to see the mountains on this flight.

b) Are you taking any bags / hand luggage with you onto the plane?

c) Excuse me, where is passport control / check-in? I need to get my boarding card.

d) I’m sorry but your flights cancelled / boarding because of bad weather.


5. Complete these sentences with the correct words given in the parentheses. (4*1)

a) At the ……….., the schedule is about a week late. (date/moment/deadline)

b) The ……….. of this is to have it in the shops by December. (plan/schedule/aim)

c) What’s the ……..for this report? Next Friday at the latest? (time/week/deadline)

d) I’d like to study ……(on internet/online/by internet)


6. Correct the mistakes. (2*1)

a) The airline is going cancel its flight.

b) Do they have confirmed the hotel booking?


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