Room Division Management II | Old Question Model 2016

                                                           Pokhara University


Level: Bachelor                         Semester-Spring                   Year: 2016

Programme: BHM                                                                     Full Marks: 100

Course: Room Division Management II                                    Pass Marks: 45

Time: 3hrs


Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable.

The figures in the margin indicate full marks.


Section “A”

Very Short Answer Questions

Attempt all the questions.                                                                               10*2

  1. Discuss the hotel accounting fundamentals.
  2. Why productivity norms vary in hospitality industry?
  3. Distinguish between daily and supplemental transcripts.
  4. Explain the different approaches of pricing the hotel room rate.
  5. What are the advantages of revenue management?
  6. List out the objectives of hotel maintenances system.
  7. Draw the format of productivity worksheet.
  8. Transportation plays a vital role in creating loyal guest to the hotel. Justify.
  9. Importance of security management in hospitality industry. Explain.
  10. Give some examples of staff motivation techniques use by FOM.


Section “B”

Descriptive Answer Questions

Attempt any six Questions.                                                                             6*10

  1. Define night auditing process. What are the duties and responsibilities of night auditor?
  2. Illustrate the different tools of evaluating the front office operation?
  3. Why an efficient security and safety programs are prime concern for hotel managers?
  4. Explain HRM process in detail?
  5. Environment management has become an important issue in hospitality industry. Why?
  6. Briefly explain the different types of maintenances?
  7. Define motivation. How job description and specification help is selection process?
  8. The Lack view hotel, a 350 room property is projected to cost $ 80,00,000. The hotel financed with a loan of 60,00,000$ @ 10% annually and cash 20,00,000$ provided by owners. The owners desire a 15% annual return on their investment. 70% occupancy is estimated. The income tax is 40%. Additional expenses are estimated as follow:

Insurance:             80000

Depreciation:         300000

Land and building: 250000

Property tax:           100000

Date processing:     120000

Transportation:        150000

Sales and marketing: 80000

Maintenance: 70000

The other operated department income and losses are estimated as:

Food and beverage:  (100000)

Travel desk:             (80000)

Rent and other department: 200000

The room department estimate direct expenses to be $ 12 per occupied room.


Required: Average room rate.



Section “C”

Case Analysis 20

18. Read the case situation given below and answer the question that follows:

Mr. K. Lane is the CEO of a multinational company, who visits Pokhara twice a month for a week and always stays in hotel Lake view in the deluxe suits 505, which over look the Fewa Lack. He is a very important guest for the hotel and hotel staff is always on their toes to keep his happy. His secretary calls up at 11am to amend the flight details for the next day’s pick up in a Mercedes Benz. Mr. Lane’s fight was supposed to reach at 8am but due to change in his plans, he is now arriving by an earlier flight at 5am the front desk agent takes the arrival information and passes it on only to the concierge, who is entangled in peak time check-in and answering guest queries. By the time he sort out these, he is exhausted and confirm Mr. Lane’s pick up for the next day at 8am instead of 5am.

Mr. Lane arrives in the hotel at 7am in a taxi and his preferred suit is not ready (housekeeping was not aware of his arrival). He is absolutely furious and icily gives the duty manager a piece of his mind.

  1. How can the duty manager calm Mr. Lane down?
  2. Whose fault is it? Should front office agent have passed on this information to housekeeping as well as to the night shift so that they could have followed up for the necessary arrangement?
  3. Will Mr. Lane continues to stay at the hotel lake view henceforth? Why or why not?


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